TymeBank: Revolutionizing Banking in South Africa


In the digital age, where convenience is king and access to financial services is paramount, traditional banking methods are rapidly evolving. In South Africa, a pioneering force in this transformation is TymeBank, a disruptive player in the financial landscape that is redefining the way people engage with banking.

With a focus on accessibility, affordability, and innovation, TymeBank is empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures like never before.

The Rise of TymeBank

Established in 2018, TymeBank burst onto the scene with a mission to make banking simpler, more transparent, and more inclusive for all South Africans.

Backed by the global financial giant, African Rainbow Capital, and powered by advanced digital technology, TymeBank swiftly gained traction among consumers seeking an alternative to traditional banking institutions.

Partnerships: TymeBank has partnered with Pick n Pay and Boxer stores. These stores serve as points of presence where you can interact with the bank. Additionally, upon account creation, you’ll receive a free Visa debit card from a kiosk.

Key Features and Innovations

TymeBank distinguishes itself through its innovative approach to banking, offering a range of features that cater to the diverse needs of its customers:

  1. No-Fee Banking: One of TymeBank’s most attractive propositions is its commitment to no monthly fees. This means that individuals can open and maintain a bank account without worrying about hidden charges eating into their hard-earned money.
  2. Digital-First Approach: Leveraging the power of technology, TymeBank provides a seamless digital banking experience accessible via its user-friendly mobile app. From account opening to fund transfers and bill payments, customers can manage their finances conveniently from their smartphones.
  3. Savings Goals: TymeBank encourages a culture of savings by allowing users to set personalized savings goals within the app. This feature helps individuals track their progress and stay motivated on their financial journey.
  4. Earn Rewards: Through its partnership with leading retailers, TymeBank offers customers the opportunity to earn rewards and cashback on everyday purchases. This incentivizes responsible spending and further enhances the value proposition of banking with TymeBank.

How To Open TymeBank Account

Account Setup: You can open a TymeBank account in less than 5 minutes using your South African ID number and cellphone. The process is quick and convenient.

To open a TymeBank account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Eligibility:
    • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. You’ll need a valid South African ID number and a cellphone number.
  2. Visit a Partner Store:
    • Head to a Pick n Pay or Boxer store. These stores serve as points of presence for TymeBank.
  3. Provide Your Details:
    • Approach a TymeBank kiosk within the store.
    • Enter your South African ID number and cellphone details.
  4. Account Creation:
    • Follow the prompts on the kiosk screen to create your account.
    • You’ll receive a free Visa debit card right there.
  5. Start Banking:
    • Once your account is set up, you can start using TymeBank’s digital banking services via their website or mobile app.

Alternatively, you can downloand the TymeBank App to open a free account.

Remember, TymeBank aims to make banking convenient and accessible through its digital platform. If you have any questions during the process, feel free to ask!

How Does TymeBank compare to other Banks in South Africa?

TymeBankBankZero, and Discovery Bank are prominent digital banks in South Africa. Let’s compare them based on key factors:

  1. Monthly Account Fees:
  2. Cash Withdrawal Fees:
    • TymeBank: Free at Pick n Pay and Boxer stores, R10 at ATMs, R3 at other major retailers.
    • BankZero: R9 per R1,000.
    • Discovery Bank: Free at ATMs.
  3. Cash Deposit Fees:
    • TymeBank: R4 at Pick n Pay and Boxer stores.
    • BankZero: Not applicable (no cash deposits).
    • Discovery Bank: R19.95 per R5,000.
  4. Interest Rates:
    • TymeBank: Up to 8% with their GoalSave feature.
    • BankZero: 2.45% – 4.15%.
    • Discovery Bank: 2% – 4.85%.
  5. Currency Conversion Fees:
    • TymeBank: 2%.
    • BankZero: 1%.
    • Discovery Bank: 2.75%.
  6. Other Features:
    • TymeBank: Offers Pick n Pay Smart Shopper points, free SendMoney transfers within South Africa, and an EveryDay Account.
    • BankZero: Robust security features and entirely app-based banking.
    • Discovery Bank: Linked to medical aid and Vitality rewards account, uses a shared-value banking model.

In summary, TymeBank stands out for its affordability, accessibility, and no monthly fees. BankZero emphasizes security and a fully app-based experience, while Discovery Bank offers unique benefits like linking to medical aid and rewards programs.

Can I use TymeBank outside of South Africa?

TymeBank, a digital-only retail bank based in Johannesburg, South Africa, primarily operates within the country.

However, there are some important points to consider regarding international usage:

  1. International Payments Not Available:
    • TymeBank does not allow you to send international payments directly from your account. The bank is currently restricted from offering forex services.
    • If you need to send money abroad, you’ll have to use a third-party transfer service.
  2. Receiving International Payments:
    • As a TymeBank customer, you can still receive incoming international payments into your account.
    • These payments will be routed through other major South African banks (such as Absa, FNB, Nedbank, or Standard Bank) and converted into South African rands at their exchange rates.
  3. Alternatives for Outgoing Transfers:
    • If you want to make international money transfers, consider using alternatives like:
      • WorldRemit: A global remittance platform with competitive forex rates to over 40 currencies in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.
      • Mama Money: A Cape Town-based money app offering low-cost and reliable transfers to various countries worldwide, mainly in Africa and Europe.
  4. Better Exchange Rates:
    • Surprisingly, even though TymeBank doesn’t directly support international payments, you may find better exchange rates for incoming transfers compared to traditional South African banks.

Remember that while TymeBank doesn’t facilitate outgoing international transfers, it still provides accessible and convenient banking services within South Africa. If you have specific needs related to international transactions, explore the alternatives mentioned above!

How do I deposit cash into my TymeBank Account?

To deposit cash into your TymeBank account, follow these steps:

  1. Visit a Partner Store:
    • TymeBank has partnered with Pick n Pay and Boxer stores across South Africa.
    • Head to any of these stores.
  2. Generate a TymeCode:
    • Open your TymeBank app or use cellphone banking.
    • Generate a 9-digit TymeCode specifically for depositing money at the partner retail stores.
  3. Cash Deposit at the Till Point:
    • Approach the cashier at the store.
    • Provide them with your TymeCode and the cash you want to deposit.
    • You can deposit up to R5,000 per transaction.
    • Remarkably, you don’t need a TymeBank card for this transaction.
  4. Fees:
    • The first cash deposit at the till point is free.
    • Subsequent deposits will cost R6 for every R1,000 deposited.
    • Compared to other banks, TymeBank’s deposit fees are more affordable.
  5. Alternative Method: EFT Deposit:
    • You can also use the EFT method:
      • Transfer cash from your accounts in other banks directly into your TymeBank account.
      • Payments made before the cut-off times take 2 working days to reflect, while payments made after take 3 working days.
      • Alternatively, choose to pay and clear the amount for immediate reflection.

Remember, TymeBank aims to keep banking easy and affordable, even when it comes to depositing cash!

TymeBank Reviews

Let’s take a look at some TymeBank reviews to get an idea of customer experiences:

  1. Hellopeter.com:
  2. Trustpilot:
  3. Overall Impression:
    • TymeBank is an exclusively digital retail bank in South Africa.
    • It stands out for its affordability (no monthly fees), accessibility (partnered stores), and competitive interest rates.
    • Some customers have had positive experiences, while others highlight specific issues or delays.

Remember that individual experiences can vary, so it’s essential to consider both positive and negative feedback when evaluating any bank. If you’re interested in TymeBank, explore further and make an informed decision!

TymeBank Contact Details

Here are the TymeBank contact details you can use to get in touch with them:

  • Address: 30 Jellicoe Avenue, Rosebank, Gauteng, 2196, South Africa.
  • Phone Number: 0860 999 119.
  • Email: service@tymebank.co.za.
  • Website: www.tymebank.co.za.

For any assistance or inquiries, feel free to reach out to TymeBank directly through their official website or using the contact details provided above.


TymeBank represents a bold departure from traditional banking norms, offering a refreshing alternative that prioritizes accessibility, affordability, and innovation.

Through its digital-first approach, commitment to no-fee banking, and focus on financial inclusion, TymeBank is empowering individuals across South Africa to take control of their finances and build a brighter future.

As the banking industry evolves, TymeBank stands out as a shining example of how technology can be harnessed to create positive change and drive financial prosperity for all.

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